Number one strategy for writing college essays–start early!

By College Advice, Writing Training

One of the biggest mistakes high school seniors in the college application process is waiting too long to begin their essays.

Many students come to us having procrastinated until the nth hour.  Despite parental cajoling and advice, they “wait” until the looming deadlines rear their ugly heads!

This is clearly not the best approach!

It’s much better to begin writing as soon as possible, especially when the ideas don’t seem to be coming.   The brain needs time to bring the best ideas to the surface and percolate then into something authentic and compelling.

In some ways, a college essay is like the tip of an iceberg.  The power of the 650 or so words lies not simply in good syntax and organization, but in all the thinking that goes into it, what we don’t “see” beneath the surface of the essay.

Even so, we’ve helped a great many students over the years develop authentic and compelling college essays, no matter when they come to us.  As one Shoreline CT parent recently wrote in an email to me, “I think of you as the 911 of essay writing!”

So, if you have a child who is struggling with any part of the college essay writing process, we can help.   Contact us to find out more.