Our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar Starts The College Process

By SAT ACT Test Prep

Is your child about to enter junior year?

Hard to believe but college is right around the corner.

Talking to kids about college is a combination of stressful and confusing and about the last thing most high school kids want to discuss.

While raising SAT (and ACT) scores has been the main reason our class has been so successful, the other reason has been our ability to shift the motivation of our students.  Emotional state is a significant predictor for how much effort the student puts into an activity.  Shifting our students to a positive emotional state where they are excited – or at least interested – in doing well on the SAT has enabled our students to outperform all the national franchises that have set up shop in Connecticut. Through the years, countless students have reported to their parents that they finally understood why they should work hard on test prep after coming to our seminar.

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