Paying more attention to prom than the biggest move of your life…

By General Education Advice
Your future is more important!
Connecticut Prom Season

I enjoyed high school.  I understand the appeal of big nights planned with friends.  I also understood, even at the time, that prom might be the only night more overrated than New Year’s Eve.  Nonetheless, I do hope the juniors attending prom have a great time.

Here’s the alarming news: more energy is being invested in creating elaborate and clever “promposals” than the college process.  End of junior year and… that’s it besides a couple months of senior year to try to impress colleges with grades and test scores.

Moreover, when I meet with juniors for college counseling – even those who attend strong high schools such as Daniel Hand in Madison and Guilford High School – many have not created a college list, outside of looking at and often being confused by Naviance.

We’ve had a long Winter and I get that spring is coming and students – as well as parents – want to focus on fun.  But after 15 years of working with Connecticut teens transitioning to college, I urge you to light a fire under your high school junior.  It really is now or never.