PSAT results come in for Connecticut Students this week

By SAT ACT Test Prep
With PSAT results coming in, it is time to raise test scores

When PSAT results arrive this week for Connecticut high school juniors, college kick-off season has begun.

Why? Because as a recent parent of a student from Guilford High School said: “it just got real.”

As much as you parents discuss college with their children, it becomes far more real as soon as their peers start discussing college.  When PSAT results are delivered, the college buzz starts.  Students cannot help but chatter, often with far more anxiety than parents realize, about the reality of the college process.  Consciously for some – but subconsciously for all – they realize that a major life transition is only a year and a half away and the work to be done to control that transition is immediate.

Things that you will need to do:

  1. Sign up at the College Board the SAT and/or at the for the ACT.
  2. Contact The Learning Consultants 🙂 to discuss prep options: 860 510-0410 or e-mail.
  3. Sign up for our SAT-ACT Mastery course