Readers of Motivate Your Son Comment On Distance Learning

By General Education Advice

I wrote Motivate Your Son eight years ago.  I was initially surprised that readers from across the country would find the book and contact me.  I no longer am since I realize that unmotivated students – particularly boys – is not simply a Connecticut (or New York) problem but a nationwide, and according to readers from England and Australia, a worldwide challenge.

“How do you think Ryan is doing?” a mom from Kentucky e-mailed me, regarding her son that I had worked with last year.   “He’s immersed in video games.”

“The guys just went fishing.” said a Guilford, CT mom, adding that she hopes they are social distancing.

“I know that Tim and his friends are just figuring out how to game the system.  They are not learning anything.” said a father from Essex, CT.

I know distance learning really well, having taught online college classes for nearly 20 years.  It works for self-directed, self-organizing, self-disciplined students who are also bright enough to learn on their own.  Otherwise, distance learning – as opposed to virtual teaching – is not particularly effective.

Your boys will need help.  

Daryl Capuano

CEO, The Learning Consultants and Connecticut’s top private education consultant
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