Readers of Motivate Your Son Comment On Distance Learning

By General Education Advice
Motivate Your Son -
Motivate Your Son – by Daryl Capuano

I wrote Motivate Your Son eight years ago.  I was initially surprised that readers from across the country would find the book and contact me.  I no longer am since I realize that unmotivated students – particularly boys – is not simply a Connecticut (or New York) problem but a nationwide one, and according to readers from England and Australia, a worldwide challenge.

“How do you think Ryan is doing?” a mom from East Lyme, CT e-mailed me, regarding her son that I had worked with last year.   “He’s immersed in video games.”

“The guys just went hiking.” said a Guilford, CT mom, adding that she hopes they are social distancing and really hiking as opposed to vaping.

“I know that Tim and his friends are just figuring out how to game the system.  They are not learning anything.” said a father from Essex, CT.

Having taught online college classes for nearly 20 years, I have a deep understanding of who really benefits from such instruction.  Distance learning works for self-directed, self-organizing, self-disciplined students who are also bright enough to learn on their own.  Otherwise, distance learning with a computer screen – as opposed to virtual teaching through a video platform – is not particularly effective.

Your boys will need help.