SAT Class: The unexpected benefits of in class-cross high school learning

By SAT ACT Test Prep

In my college counseling work, I’ve been working with an increasing number of students transferring college.  Certainly, not thriving academically or knowing what they will do for a major are issues but the biggest issue is social anxiety or lack of social success.  Simply put, those who are thriving socially rarely transfer, even if struggling academically.

In working with teens through the years, I have deep anecdotal evidence that their social skills have been declining at a rapid rate.  The pandemic merely accelerated but did not create the decline.

We are facing an epidemic of anxiety and depression in teens.  Given my work, I’ve researched and considered the issue extensively.  I’m certain that isolation – largely brought on by overreliance on technology – is the main culprit.  Boys playing video games and girls endlessly SnapChatting along with with both finding endless media to consume, have decreased their “need” to socialize.  “Need”, of course, meaning their understanding of what they need.

Our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar brings together students from Guilford High School, Daniel Hand High School, Old Saybrook High School, Lyme-Old Lyme High School, East Lyme High School, Waterford High School, Valley Regional High School and numerous high schools in the Shoreline CT area.   Students are compelled to interact with new people.  While class 1 feels like an 8th grade dance, the last classes have the feel of a wonderful niche community.  That’s good for the well being of your child.

As for results, I fully embrace the use of technology for learning.  I also am as expert in how teens learn as anyone in our geographic area and I can tell you with certainty that very few teens engage meaningfully in online SAT prep.  And, as most who know agree, those who do are highly rare students with extraordinary discipline and attention spams.

Join our  class for both the best results and the best experience.