SAT Prep: The Best College Tuition Investment You Can Make

By SAT ACT Test Prep

Christmas time brings gifts to Connecticut students and none better than early admission to colleges of choice, except perhaps scholarships to colleges of choice.

Every year, I receive wonderful e-mails and Christmas cards from past students and families who went through our SAT programs: “I was admitted to My Favorite College and was given a $XX,XXX scholarship. Thank you for the SAT help as that led to both.”

I used to be far more circumspect about advocating test prep. The dread of looking self-interested has been squashed by own experience as a father with three college bound children.  I know with certainty both from my years as an educational advisor and now as a Dad that strong SAT (and ACT) scores will help pay for college.  My worries about appearing sales-like has always haunted me in building a company that was sparked by idealism.  But now the evidence is clear: doing well on the SAT will lead to college scholarships.  And, of course, I urge you to ask older parents and school officials about the quality of our SAT courses and individual instruction.  I no longer feel guilty about urging people to pay for SAT classes because, for many, the classes end up being an investment.  $595 for a class often leads to $48,000 ($12,000/year seems to be the median college scholarship I’ve seen for students with top test scores).