SAT Test Dates For Connecticut Students

By General Education Advice

navigating-the-changes-to-college-admissions-testing-8-638As many Connecticut parents know, Connecticut has made the SAT the mandated exit exam test for high school students.  This is good news. Prior to the this change, Connecticut students were scheduled to take the S-BAC Test.  And, yes, even education experts weren’t quite sure what was on the  S-BAC, how to prepare for it, and why it needed to be taken. Oddly enough, due in part to a former student of The Learning Consultants who suggested to the Connecticut State Board of Education that since most students take the SAT it would be the better test for federal mandates, the Governor agreed to make the SAT the mandated high school test.

Nonetheless, this mandate will create confusion for parents.  Normally, parents sign up with The College Board to schedule SAT tests.  While this will still be the case, individual public high schools will also offer their own SAT dates.

To do:

(1) Check with your individual high school to determine your high school’s SAT date.

(2) Presumably, you will still need to create an account with The College Board for additional SAT dates

Ask us if you are confused!