SAT Test Day and the Anxious Parent

By SAT ACT Test Prep
You will feel better after your child goes through test prep training!

“I am more nervous than he is.” Jennifer said about her son Sean who was taking the SATs today, the big day for Connecticut juniors who are mandated to take the SAT.  Like most teens, Sean would rather do many other things than prepare for the SATs and, like most parents, Jennifer did not feel like arguing with him about preparing for the SATs.

Jennifer had called me prior to our Winter SAT-ACT Mastery Seminars that we held in Madison and Old Saybrook.  Jennifer wanted Sean to prepare. She “asked” Sean if he wanted to take the class.  As expected, he said “no”.  Since then, Jennifer has been anxious about the test.  Sean – as far as Jennifer knew – didn’t really think about the test until a couple of weeks ago.  His school held an assembly for juniors about the SAT.  This led to some of his friends talking more openly about college and that led to Sean suddenly feeling stressed about his lack of preparation for both the SAT and college.

As March 2nd – Connecticut SAT TEST DAY!!! – approached, Jennifer’s nervousness increased and she called again.  I told her to relax.  Take our Spring SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar.  It will ease your nerves.

As for Sean, this time, he said “yes.”

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