The SAT (and ACT) As A Starting Point For The College Discussion

By College Advice, SAT ACT Test Prep
Time for college counseling!

Imagine if you knew you had to leave your job, your town, and your family in 18 months.  That’s what happens when your child leaves to college and that’s what will happen to Connecticut high school juniors in August 2020.  Moreover, the decision regarding their new world will be made in as little as 11 months (for early decision applicants) and what needs to be done to ensure their optimal new world is…. NOW!

Our Winter SAT-ACT seminars, held in Madison and Old Saybrook, often provide the structure for our students to start thinking about college.  The opening lecture “why are you here?” focuses not on SAT and ACT prep but rather the context for preparing for the SATs and the ACTs.  You are here because you will be going to college.  I then explain the massive change – focusing on the positive – that they will be undergoing.  I do so before we get to work on test prep because I want my students to be self-motivated.

The most common feedback I get from parents after class 1, in addition to “my son/daughter actually liked the class” is “my son/daughter” now is interested in having the college discussion.

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