SAT Preparation Will Decrease Anxiety

By SAT ACT Test Prep is the first time that most Connecticut students will take the SAT.  Since passage of legislation requiring Connecticut public school students score a minimum on the SAT to graduate, Connecticut public schools must offer an in-school SAT for free. Those who attend private schools in Connecticut are exempt.

In our final winter classes in our SAT-ACT Mastery seminar, held in Old Saybrook and Madison, several students approached me and told me they “felt so much better.”  Of course, many said that the techniques for approaching SAT reading, SAT grammar, and SAT math problems helped to dramatically change how they were scoring.  But the focus on “how they felt” about taking the SAT is one that parents may underestimate.

Test-taking does cause anxiety. The SAT is the biggest test of their lives. As it is with most everything that we fear, preparation is the key to overcoming anxiety.  I tell our students: “imagine walking into the test having not prepared, how would you feel then?”  Heads nod as they suddenly feel really lucky to have gone through our SAT class.

For those taking the SAT (or ACT) in the spring, our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar will not only make our students “think” better but also “feel” better and that makes a bigger difference than most parents realize.