Seniors: Last chance SAT (or ACT)

By SAT ACT Test Prep

I have a split view on the stress related to college admissions.   I realize the abundance of articles on the “too much stress” but I also witness the opposite: plenty of families – perhaps with good intentions – placed too little energy on the college process during junior year.  The reasons are multitude: (1) didn’t want to create stress (2) didn’t want to fight (3) wanted my child to get motivated before we started (4) we were told to relax by the school (5) it caused me stress.

I understand.  But if your child is college bound, then the only admissions item that most can change as they approach senior year is their test scores.  GPAs are cumulative. So while doing well 1st quarter will help, it won’t help that much.  And, most students won’t do anything to boost their activities in a meaningful way.

Students can, however, shift their test scores and, in some cases, dramatically.  Doing so leads to not only greater choices for admission but often enormous amount of merit aid ($$$).

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