Strong writing skills give job seekers added currency

By General Education Advice, Writing Training

A few years ago, Kaleigh Moore wrote a story for Inc., in which she headlines a study that found the majority of employers–73%–favoring job candidates with strong writing skills (

Fast forward to May 2020.  And the impact of COVID-19 on the economy has surely upped the ante for workplace communication skills.  With companies shifting almost entirely to tech-based communication, they need employees who can write efficiently and clearly.

Employers who are “trying to decide among” several candidates “to fill a position” should always choose “the best writer,” says Jason Fried in Rework, his NYT bestseller.  Writing skills “pay off” says Fried, because good writing is more than just good grammar; it’s also good thinking. And “writing is today’s currency for good ideas.”

So strong writing skills aren’t just for English majors anymore; they’re valuable “currency” for a wide range of careers and a worthy investment of time and energy.

The good news is that anyone can learn to write well for business.

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