Summer SAT Prep to Start The College Conversation

By SAT ACT Test Prep

“It just leads to a fight or a blank stare.”  Renee, a mother with a sophomore son from Guilford High School said when she called to set up a college counseling session.  She called in late spring.  It didn’t make that much sense to meet at that point – from my view – because her son just wanted to finish the school year.  But it would make sense to begin our SAT course in the summer. Not only would he be doing something tangible to improve his college admissions chances but our course directly shifts the mindset of our students about college.

During my opening lecture in SAT class, I discuss the future in ways that most students either haven’t heard or haven’t paid attention to before. When he came home, he asked his mom if they could discuss visiting colleges. His mom immediately e-mailed me to express her delight. “I hope his SAT scores go up. But just making him think about the college made this the right SAT class for us.

This has been the case with many of our Shoreline, CT students.  Our Connecticut beaches make for a wonderful summer but a few hours on SAT Prep this summer will go a long way towards building their future.

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