Teachers are leaving at record rates…. that’s why outside help is no longer a luxury but a need

By General Education Advice

My youngest daughter wanted to become a teacher since she was age 5.  She headed to college believing that was her path.  During her senior year, she interned with the best teacher that I know – Jennifer Brodeur – from Old Saybrook.  She was also a natural.  She loves babysitting and teaches swim lessons.   I love education and educators and my wife’s parents were both teachers.  But when she told my wife and me that she no longer wanted to become a teacher, you would think we would be disappointed.   We were happy.

That’s really sad.

But teachers are leaving at record rates and few are heading towards teaching, at least anything above elementary school.  It’s a big subject.  But I  generally love teachers and feel bad that they are so undervalued.

The real victims are the children – your children.  I have been running The Learning Consultants for 20 years and have a distinct understanding of how educational outcomes have changed for Shoreline, CT students as anyone.  Keep in mind that the clients of our company are predominantly parents form Guilford, Madison, Essex, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, East Lyme and other areas in the relatively affluent part of Southeastern, CT.  The education gap between those from a decade ago and students today – prepandemic – was becoming obvious.  Post pandemic, it’s shocking.

Our schools are floundering.  Your children need help.