Laura Desai


The Learning Consultants is excited to announce that Laura Desai will become the Site Director for The Learning Consultants, New Jersey.

Laura’s extraordinary career in the education space makes her well positioned to help families navigate the challenges they face as they navigate their children’s educational journey. Laura has held senior administrative positions at several outstanding private schools including Ying Hua International School, where Laura serves as the Head of School, Waterfront Montessori, where Laura served as the Associate Head of School, The Lewis School of Princeton, where Laura served as the Senior Administrator and Director of School Activities, and The Pennington school where she served as the Director of International Students.
In addition to her senior-level administrative positions, Laura has consulted and volunteered for numerous private and public schools in a variety of areas designed to help students and families.

Laura’s journey into education stemmed from her deep and varied teaching background. Most significantly, Laura was named Teacher of the Year for the School during her time at Hamilton Township Public Schools. There, Laura was also entrenched in coaching multiple sports, designing cultural enrichment programs, and serving as a member of the Core Leadership Team. Prior to working within the Hamilton Township Public School district, Laura worked in several diocesan schools and started her career at Merrill Lynch where, among other roles, she was the College Recruitment Manager.

Laura’s personal interests include yoga and traveling. She is a certified yoga instructor and has traveled through 18 countries and 32 states with her family and friends.