Test Prep Spring!

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Connecticut High School SAT Scores

Connecticut public high school students will be taking the SAT in April. It is mandated. Most Connecticut high school juniors should also take the SAT again in May and/or June and perhaps should take the ACT in April and/or June. Many colleges require strong SAT scores for not only admission but also merit aid. Whatever you have heard about test-optional colleges and that colleges view test scores within a holistic package is all “sort of true.”

There are test-optional colleges. But then grades become even more significant in viewing the applicant and there is unquestionably the presumption that the student tested poorly. Colleges do view students holistically but subjective factors are really only evaluated after the academic index (the “numbers” Grades/test scores) meet the college’s standards.

Given that your children will be taking the SAT and given its importance, test prep may be the most important activity on the agenda for the spring.  Register now for our next SAT-ACT Mastery seminar.