The impact of writing skills on success

By General Education Advice, Writing Training

Why students should care about refining their writing skills.

Certainly for other reasons than an A on the Hamlet essay, writing skills can open or close doors after high school.   After all, writing is communication, and effective communication in business is key.

As Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon put it, your ability to “communicate with other people. . . and express yourself will have a huge impact on your success” (March 16, 2019 interview).

While good writing fosters success, bad writing can be costly.

Readers get bogged down by poor writing, which wastes time, as business writer and analyst Josh Bernoff says.  Bernoff estimates that all this “lousy business communication” costs American businesses $4o0 billion a year.

3 key skills for business writing.

  • ability to synthesize and build on the ideas of others to create a coherent narrative
  • understanding of audience and tone
  • facility with mechanics of sentence structure, punctuation, organization to create efficient, clear prose

Learn effective writing techniques for successful communication.