The Motivational Difference: How our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar Is Different

By SAT ACT Test Prep

7213be813170ff040674579fd7015e3eI was in Pasta Vita in Old Saybrook and felt someone tap me on the shoulder.  It was the father of two SAT students from past SAT classes.  “My children still talk about you and the class.”  I knew he was not referring to my teachings of the intricacies of SAT test-taking strategies.

“We see Mike a lot since he is in New Haven.” (modest parent as I’m sure others would loudly have said “Yale”)  “He remembers your when you told the class that they were all a lot smarter than they realized.”  Mike had recalled my “Choate Syndrome” lecture.  In it, I note that almost all of my clients from Choate (or Hopkins or The Williams School) think they did poorly on the SATs even though most score over the 90th percentile. They, of course, are comparing themselves to their classmates who are have near perfect scores.

“Caitlin was having a hard time with a college statistics course but she remembered your math lecture.”  In that lecture, I discuss how most kids liked math until age 10 or so when the math mindset shifts from solving puzzles to “doing problems the right way.”  I point to a highly successful real estate developer in Old Saybrook who was not formally educated and still would put together successful deals “on the back of an envelope”.

Our SAT-ACT Mastery seminar will not provide a franchise, cookie-cutter experience. Instead, it may provide some long lasting life lessons.