The SATs lead to a college dream for a local Connecticut student

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SAT Prep=College Dreams

I received a wonderful Christmas present: one of my SAT students who took our SAT prep program in Old Saybrook last January and then followed up with a few individual test prep students in Madison in the fall was just admitted to one of our elite military academies.  He’s a great guy and I’m glad our military will have another excellent leader.

His story should serve as instructive to all Connecticut parents contemplating test prep.   His PSAT score was nowhere near what the military academies would need for acceptance. As would be expected, the military is direct about what they require.  Unlike many colleges that claim that test scores below their median won’t really hurt a candidate’s chances, the military will flat out tell candidates – at least those that are close -what they need to be gain admission.  His recruiter told him that he was a great candidate in all other areas related to admission but that he would not be admitted unless he raised his scores.

The student took our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar dramatically improved his score.  His acceptance was a wonderful result.