We help your children in time of need

By General Education Advice

Increasingly, parents have written kind notes to The Learning Consultants regarding our teachers and counselors.  Historically, given our niche, we have the great role of being the “help button” for parents and children.  So, we have often received thoughtful praise from families throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, NY regarding our tutoring, test prep, and college counseling services.

Now, we seem to have evolved into something more.

“Jack was floundering.  You literally shifted his energy.  He’s now engaged with school.” (a parent to me – Daryl Capuano- regarding our Student Mastery sessions)

“Kristina is our 911 (regarding our amazing writing coach Dr. Kristina Knobelsdorff).”

“Jesse is our math savior.” (regarding Jesse Brockwell, our math tutor who has a cult-like following!)

The pandemic has created challenges that are beyond what parents and schools expected.

We can help.  Press help button here.