What should we do?! College counseling in the age of the pandemic

By College Counseling

I have been immersed in college counseling during the last few years but particularly since the pandemic.

There is something… in the air… that the pandemic has accelerated greatly but did not start.


Parents do not know what to do.  More specifically, they do not know what’s best for their children.

When I started educational advising and counseling almost 20 years ago, the standard play book – good grades plus good college =, good job (career) – worked for most everyone.

This is still the best play!  Do not let anyone who doesn’t work with young adults tell you otherwise. For the vast majority of students – not the incredibly rare outliers who can start companies at young ages – the good grades (illustrates work ethic) plus good college (an asset that can be leveraged to get good jobs) is distinctly better than bad grades and no name college or no college.

But… this is no longer enough.

CollegeCareer Counseling has now been a bigger part of my work.  Why? Because we are in a work-career-economic revolution that is truly historical.

That’s not an exaggeration.  Thousands of years progressed in the agrarian economy where most people worked mostly similar jobs for many centuries.  The Industrial revolution and the corporatization of the work world created radical change over a couple centuries.

The…whatever this will be called… has created radical change in the last couple decades.

We provide career testing.  We provide career counseling.  We provide expertise on the new world of work.  We can help you out navigate out of uncertainty.