Writing tutoring provides short-term, long-term value

By General Education Advice, Student Mastery, Writing Training

These days, if you’re a good writer, you’ve almost certainly future-proofed your career, according to Forbes writer Greta Solomon. 

The ability to write well “is one of the best ways to remain consistently employable,” says Solomon. Especially in a global economy (“How Mastering Writing Skills Can Future-Proof Your Career,” Forbes, Aug. 9, 2018).  

Here, we’re not talking about writing poetry or literary analysis. We’re talking about communicating information effectively and efficiently in writing.

Making Writing Mastery a Goal

Since writing ability tops the list of essential skills for many employers, any college-bound student should make writing mastery a main goal.  Although there may be programs like Grammerly and Autocheck that offer writing help, they can’t actually do the writing for us; they can only help us “clean up” what we’ve already written, as Solomon notes.  They can’t think for us, which is the most crucial part of writing. 

Ultimately, there are no shortcuts to writing mastery.  Students need to have both the desire to learn and the willingness to put in the time needed.  But, the good news is that anyone can learn to write well. And, it’s never too late to start.  Even students who struggle with writing in high school can master the process and mechanics of writing with a little time and effort and the right instruction.  

Short- and Long-Term Benefits of Writing Mastery

Students who put in this extra time and effort to improve their writing skills always realize major benefits–both short-term and long-term.  

As a student from Old Lyme, CT recently put it, in “thank you for all of your help in the college process and in the overall process of making me a better writer—you helped me to learn how to reflect meaningfully” and “choose words with purpose and precision.”  This student, accepted early decision by his top choice college, also found that by learning to write better, he also became much more confident as a thinker and problem solver!  

If you have a child who struggles with writing, give us a call or send us an email to find how our writing tutoring can help overcome these challenges while your child is still in school.