April SAT Results for Connecticut Students: What next?

By SAT ACT Test Prep

April SAT results are in and The Learning Consultants has its phone/e-mail immersed with pleas from parents.

False hope for many was created by:

(1) Khan Academy: the idea is great and it is free.  Now try watching one of the videos and see how long your attention lasts.  Then consider how long the attention of a normal 17 year old will last, particularly as the 17 year old has a myriad of far more interesting distractions.  If you had to get in shape for the Olympics or anything meaningful, would you turn on videos or hire a trainer?  The same holds true for SAT prep

(2) Online classes: same as above

(3) In school classes: taught by those who are not expert in the SAT and many of whom actually disdain teaching to the test

What to do?

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