Connecticut April SAT Results

By General Education Advice

Since Thursday, my in box and phone has been blowing up with messages from parents related to their children’s SAT results.

The happiest calls are from those who took our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminars or had individual SAT Prep with The Learning Consultants’ tutors prior to April.  Most students exceeded expectations and are both delighted and also eager to take the test again since they are no longer worried.

The toughest calls are from parents whose students did not prep for the April test and are now scrambling to get good SAT results.  They overestimated (1) the amount the student self-studied (hint: Khan Academy is not very effective because it requires the student pay attention for a long time.  Too many distractions (2) that the school prepared the student (most in-house courses taught by non-professional test prep teachers are terrible and (3) made the classic mistake of thinking that their student has good grades so the student would likely do well on the SAT.

For those seeking to prepare for June, please contact us for individual prep.