The June SATs and ACTs

By SAT ACT Test Prep

If you are a Connecticut high school junior, your last chances to improve your test scores before the summer are in June.

The SAT is offered on June 1.  The ACT is offered on June 8.

A few words about each:

Public school students in Connecticut took the mandated high school administered SAT in either late March or April.  For many, it was their first SAT.  For most, the results were not optimal.  For that reason, it makes sense – if possible – to vigorously prepare for the June SAT.  We offer expert coaching.  There is no comparable substitute to top notch individual tutoring to ensure improvement in such a short period of time between today and June 1.  For the same reason any serious athlete hires a trainer and doesn’t either try to go at it alone or watch video workouts, experts provide an enormous advantage.

The ACT is the other option.  Having grown in popularity during the last decade, the ACT’s verbal format was copied by the SAT when it revamped several years ago.  As such, two of the sections – English and Reading are essentially identical to the SAT.  The math section has a different format but much of the same content (Algebra, geometry, K-8 arithmetic).  The science section is the only unique section to the ACT.  This build up provides a clue to some advice: the tests are so similar that many students should take both.

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