College Counseling For Connecticut Students: “I want to go someplace warm…”

By College Counseling

Blake, a junior from Daniel Hand High School in Madison, Connecticut had one dominant theme in mind during our first college counseling session: “I want to go some place warm!”

I’ve heard this demand with increasing frequency from my Connecticut college counseling clientele.   Our career advisory services are designed to help students (assuming they have their parents’ blessing) identify colleges that fit their goals and help them gain admission to colleges of their preferences.  Our preferences are irrelevant.

But… sometimes I have to at least explore the preference so that I can help students – and their parents – understand the ramifications of their preferences.

I want to go someplace warm.  That seems not like it needs no unpacking.  But it does.

The most important consideration I cite to my students is that they will too far to get home by car.    This matters for both psychological, practical and relational reasons.

The second most important consideration which could end up being the first is that they dramatically increase the odds that they will move far from home permanently or at least a lot longer than four years.  It always surprises me when students have not considered that four years from now their friends, dating relationship, and job opportunities will be where they are at the time and, if four years from now, they have been “someplace warm” then it’s likely that they’ll stay some place warm!

The third significant consideration is what “warm” often translates to: fun in the sun!  Good times!  Dare, I say partying….not just amateur but the professional kind!

Of course, this might be exactly what the student wants (far away during the four years, the potential to live some place warm permanently and a wild college experience).  All good by me if that’s what the student and family wants 🙂