“Crisis Schooling” Isn’t Home Schooling

By General Education Advice, Writing Training

CT parents, like those across the country, have suddenly found themselves “home schooling.”  Many are trying to juggle work, parenting, and education all from the confines of home.

But, this isn’t “home schooling.”  It’s “CRISIS schooling,” as one principal from Arizona puts it.  And this is far more stressful, even “trauma-inducing.”

So how can parents support productive schooling at home while minimizing the stresses on themselves and their children?

For starters, parent’s shouldn’t try to be “Homeshool Mom/Dad of the Year,” in the words of the principal from Arizona. They shouldn’t “expect to just jump into a perfect program and learn, learn, learn.”

Nor should they try to do everything on their own.  Online tutors can provide not only content area expertise, but also additional social interaction, so vital now.

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