Grade Inflation make the SAT matter more than ever

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Test prep to combat grade inflation

I have off the record conversations with several college admissions officials during the last few years.  The common consensus: “we can’t tell the difference in GPAs in any meaningful way.”

Here’s a recent example, a local Shoreline, CT high school revealed eligibility for National Honor Society: anyone with a 90 average and above could apply.  Half the class was eligible. That’s completely crazy and illustrates rampant grade inflation.  How can colleges determine admission?

There are some high schools such as Guilford High School and Daniel Hand High School in Madison where an A average is difficult to obtain at least compared to many other Connecticut high schools.

The only other numerical factor: test scores.  The SATs have become the blunt force weapon used by college admissions officials to lop off many applicants from consideration.  For normal students – which now includes those with A averages – the SATs are the most objective factor that college admissions officials use to evaluate students.