In-school SAT classes and Khan Academy: the quick fix rarely works.

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“I had her do the SAT problem of the day and she took the in-school class taught by her teachers.” a parent said about her daughter, a junior at Daniel Hand High School in Madison. “I’m really surprised that she did so poorly.”

Let me clear: doing the SAT problem of the day is better than doing nothing as is taking an in-school course. Indeed, starting with something small is often a great way to get a reluctant SAT or ACT test-taker to begin the process. Nonetheless, it tends to create false confidence in both parents and students who are looking for a quick-fix to a big challenge.

Regarding in-school programs, you get what you pay for.  And if it’s free, I can nearly guarantee that it won’t be good.

Similarly, in teaching test prep to Connecticut students through the last fifteen years, I can tell you that doing the SAT problem of the day – and nothing else – is equivalent to learning a few Spanish words each day in the expectation that this will be an effective way to learn the language. It is better than nothing but you need a more comprehensive approach.

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