Motivate Your Son…. Sadly my predictions have come true

By General Education Advice
Young men are opting out of college.  That’s the headline in a dozen or so recent articles pointing out the decline in male academic performance.  When I wrote Motivate Your Son in 2012, I saw this train wreck coming based on the hundreds of boys who entered our Student Mastery Program.    Most of the girls we worked with had issues related to content or study skills.  Most of the boys we worked with had those issues as well but their primary challenge was lack of motivation.

This is our expertise and the stakes are too high to wait.  Contact us now. 

  • In 1970, 59% of U.S. college students were men. That number has decreased to 40%.
  • Why? Less men are applying.
  • U.S. colleges now receive 35% more applications from women than they do from men.