College Counseling Connecticut: The College to Career Decision

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The Parents’ Guide to Career Planning for Your Twentysomething: How Parents Can Help Their College and Post-College Age Children Find Careers That Lead to Happiness and Success by [Capuano, Daryl]If your twentysomething is struggling with career issues, you likely feel ill-equipped to help. You might be right.
Unless your own experiences have schooled you in the way the New World of Work operates, realize that some part of the way you understood careers has radically changed.

More significantly, you now are experiencing that the college to career transition is no longer the sure thing it seemed to be. This book is designed to help you help your twentysomething.

Despite the radical change in college to career transitions that have occurred in the last few decades, parents still tend to conflate the college decision with the career decision:




I wrote this book right before the pandemic.  All the forces that I focused upon: the mismatch of college to real careers; the lack of career preparation in high school; and the radically changing work world were simply accelerated by the pandemic.

We are working with dozens of college students who are adrift wondering what they will major in and why they chose the college they are currently attending.

We can help you prevent this challenge by starting the career discussion before college.   No decisions will be finalized!  But these discussions are more vital than ever.

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