PSAT Results: Now your child’s college departure gets real

By SAT ACT Test Prep

As Connecticut high schools release PSAT results, students – and some parents – “suddenly” ramp up the college process. Parents, for the most part, have been keenly aware that college is approaching. But – just like their kids – they often put off thoughts of anything stressful.  The PSAT results – and the inevitable comparisons that come with it – create the beginning of college reality.

Students who have lived in small towns throughout Connecticut, particularly in schools with small populations like Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, Westbrook, and other quaint Eastern Connecticut hamlets, know that their world is about to radically change.

For parents, they know that their children are leaving.  As a father of three, one of whom is now in college, I truly empathize.  They also know that paying for college has become a significant challenge.  Here, I’m delighted that our SAT-ACT programs can help in this regard.  Test scores long viewed as one of the primary keys to college admission have now become a primary weapon to combat college costs.  Merit aid – largely based on SAT-ACT test scores – has become far bigger than financial aid for most students in our affluent Connecticut suburban area.

Now that PSAT results are in, welcome to the reality of the college season.  Together, we can make it a happy process.