SAT-ACT Scores and Early Action-Early Decision

By College Advice

sat_achievemoreAs parents and students call with news about their Early Action-Early Decision acceptances, deferrals, and rejections, it has become abundantly clear that the single distinguishing factor among those who were accepted into competitive colleges is SAT (or ACT) test scores.  For example, several students in Guilford, Madison, Old Lyme and East Lyme have reported that those who had 2100 on the current SAT (this would translate to 1400 on the New SAT) received early admission to Northeastern University.  Those that scored lower than 2100 were deferred.  I do not know with certainty if this is true and I’m sure there are exceptions for certain college applicants with different college admissions hooks. Nonetheless, my anecdotal knowledge confirms this to be true.

For parents of juniors in the Shoreline/Southeastern Connecticut area, the best advice, given this knowledge, is to start test preparation early enough so that students are in position to score high enough for early admissions next fall.