Seniors: The one thing you can change is your SAT score…

By SAT ACT Test Prep

“Do you plan on becoming a concert violinist in the next few weeks?”

“Will you raise your cumulative GPA?”

“Can you start a charity?”

I half-kiddingly ask these questions to during college counseling meetings with seniors who urgently inquire about what they can do to increase their college admissions chances.

They usually get the point: for most, the only thing they can do to radically change their college admissions chances is to do better on the SAT.

Students with 1100s usually have a pretty good chance of moving into the 1200s.  That can make an enormous difference in admission.

Even those who have scored well can increase their merit aid opportunities by moving up.  While private colleges keep their merit aid numbers close to the vest, 1400 is a magical number for many.

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