The High School to College…. to CAREER Counseling Process: This is what your child needs most

By College Counseling

We are in the midst of a work revolution that started well before the pandemic.  Arguably, the great disruption started with the age of computers in the 1990s but certainly the disruption was magnified with extreme intensity due to the Internet.  Other forces – globalization, automation, artificial intelligence – have further created a work revolution that has been dizzying and that history will record as at least equal but possibly more significant than the Industrial Revolution.

Parents, generally, are wildly unprepared to give counsel to their children.

Parents today – as I often say in talks and in my writing -are mostly in the same position as farmers were at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution: woefully unprepared, through no fault of their own – to advise their children on the new world of work.

Fortunately, I have spent the last decade and a half immersed in this very subject.  While I delight in discussing all aspects of the college experience (location/size/fit/activities etc.) I have always known that the time to begin career discussions was far earlier than junior-senior year of college.

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