The Learning Consultants SAT Class: Emotional well being, motivation, and money

By General Education Advice

Over the years, we have received an enormous amount of positive feedback regarding our class. The dominant reason: our results. Our students have gone up so much in their SAT (and ACT) scores that Kaplan, Princeton Review and other national franchises have shut down classes in this part of Connecticut because The Learning Consultants has been so successful.

But the other reasons for our class’s success are surprising:

“You and your class made Cameron happier…” a parent from Madison, Connecticut wrote last year. She described Cameron’s general challenges dealing with teen girl drama and how our fun class, filled with students from different schools, made her feel much better about herself. “People like me!”

“Jake now cares about college…” a parent from Old Lyme wrote. This is a more common review. Motivation is HUGE. And that’s where we excel.

I should note related to both points that online classes simply cannot replicate either increasing the emotional well being of students or increasing motivation as an in-person class can.

As for money…. review merit aid awards. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Joe will receive $96,000 (over 4 years) in merit scholarships due to his SAT scores.” a parent from Guilford, CT wrote. This message, of course, is directly related to SAT results.

So sign up now for our class to help make your children happier and more motivated while increasing their scores and saving you money!!!