Your children who take our SAT CLASS will be healthier!

By General Education Advice

“One reason for isolation is shrinking social contact with people we don’t know. Not so long ago, strangers talked to each other a great deal in public — in buses, at the airport, in line at the bank. Why? Because there was not much else to do. The emergence of smartphone technology, promising to connect the world and end social isolation, has achieved the opposite result.” Washington Post, January 5th

There is an epidemic of loneliness propelling anxiety and depression among teens. The number of teens who head to their room and plug into NetFlix, YouTube, video games and countless other entirely unsocial activities is staggering. Those who engage in SnapChat, Instagram and whatever the newest phone app of the day are also not engaging in real human interaction.

I find this to be particularly important in our small towns on the Connecticut coast. Guilford, Madison, Old Saybrook, Essex, Old Lyme, East Lyme, Waterford, Stonington etc. are small enough that students often feel that they know everyone by 10th grade.

Our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar has forged friendships, college roommates, and what shouldn’t be so novel: learning how to talk to strangers.

So, yes, it will be healthy to join our test prep class!