The Pandemic Devastated Math Education and Math Is the Cornerstone of Stem Careers

By General Education Advice

The Learning Consultants has been working with students throughout Connecticut since 2002. We have witnessed general declines in education but parents who were concerned about education would supplement their children’s education to catch-up.

The pandemic, however, has created the most dramatic effects we have ever seen, particularly in math.

  1. Loss of Learning: The pandemic has caused significant loss of learning in math education. With remote learning, it has been difficult for teachers to provide the same level of instruction and support as in-person instruction. Students may have missed key concepts, skills, and practice opportunities, leading to gaps in their understanding of math.
  2. Limited Opportunities for Practice: Math education requires a lot of practice to develop fluency and mastery. With remote learning, it has been more challenging for students to get the practice they need to reinforce their learning. The lack of face-to-face interaction with teachers and peers has limited the opportunities for collaborative learning and problem-solving.
  3. Increased Anxiety and Stress: The pandemic has caused increased anxiety and stress for students, which can negatively impact their learning in math. Students may struggle to focus, engage, or participate in math activities and may experience more difficulty with math-related anxiety.
  4. Teacher Burnout and Demands: The pandemic has created significant demands on teachers, who have had to adapt to new teaching methods and technologies quickly. Teachers have also had to manage their own anxieties and stress while supporting their students. This has led to teacher burnout and increased stress, which can negatively impact their ability to provide high-quality math education.

The negative effects of the pandemic on math education have been significant. Given the effects on STEM careers, parents should do whatever they can to ensure their children are math ready for high school, college, and for many… the real world.