Tips for writing your best college essay: Don’t proscrastinate!

By College Advice, Writing Training

Start ASAP.

This could be the most useful advice for students hoping to write an attention-grabbing essay.

Waiting until the nth hour to start writing is usually a bad idea, especially for students who dread the thought, or have no idea what to write about or how to begin. Even if they finish their essay before their application deadline, it won’t be their best work, and they’ll know it.

What’s worse is that colleges will know it too.

Why risk this key part of a college application, when the essay can be a deciding factor in acceptance.

So best to start writing as soon as possible.  In the words of old Nike ads, “Just do it.”

The most compelling college essays demonstrate coherent logic and original thinking.  These qualities take time to develop.  As with any type of writing, the process of re-reading, rethinking, and revising over time helps the brain think more deeply, to discover new insights and connections not obvious at first, refine the structure and shape of the “story,” and develop an authentic voice.


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