Make 2016 A Great Year For Your Student-Child

By General Education Advice

maxresdefault“Can you get Sean to make some New Year’s resolutions related to his studying?” Mrs. Raskin said in relation to her sophomore son from Lyme-Old Lyme High School.

New Year’s provides another time slot for parents to light their student-children with motivation.

Every September, Connecticut parents contact The Learning Consultants to put their children in supplemental education programs, primarily to motivate their children but also to ensure that they are on track.  In October, post progress reports, tutoring becomes a bigger part of our mission to help Connecticut students excel in school.

At some point, post-Thanksgiving, students – and likely parents – are sick of school. They need a break and holiday vacation can’t come fast enough.  We are particularly fortunate this year as it seems that the calendar has created an extended break.

Give your children a few more days of complete relaxing and then get them ready for 2016!